The system delivers nutrient - rich water to plants , it provides fresh greens all year round, in any weather . Greens you will be able to purchase are wildfire lettuce , Monte Carlo Lettuce , Emperor Spinach, Common Mint , Win-Win Pac Choi Green, Red Russain Kale, Toscano Kale , Genovese Basil , and Italian Parsley . Prices range from 3 - 5 per head. For more information, please call  (705) 283-3292 ext. 232. or email us at or

Who are we?

Sheshegwaning First Nation, a proud Odawa community, located on the west end of Mnidoo Mnising (Manitoulin Island) in Ontario, has made exciting steps towards economic opportunities and sustainability.These include but are not exclusive to Odawa Stone, Odawa Island Farms, Nishin Lodge, Nimkee hiking trail and most recently a Hydroponic growing system for fresh and sustainable produce all year round.

What is Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponics Growcer system provides a soil-less, nutrient rich water, light, and CO2 rich air to plants, inside a shipping container with automated controls controlled through an app on an iPad and monitored 24/7. This system works all year round, in any weather. Able to grow 1,800 to 2,250 heads simultaneously yielding up to 12,000 lbs of produce each year. Capable of feeding 108 people 5 daily servings of vegetables for 20 years! Varieties to grow include Brassicas, Asian hearty greens, microgreens, herbs, and leafy greens.

Why Hydroponic Farming?

There are many reasons why Hydroponic farming is beneficial to our community, including food security, economic development, localized fresh, sustainable and affordable produce, access to fresher and healthier foods for community members all year round, create new jobs, and to enhance the social, economic, physical, cultural, and spiritual, well-being of our registered members! Great for the environment, the system uses 95% less water, 99% less farmland, and is 100% more local!


You will be able to choose how many heads you’d like and your produce options include: Monte Carlo Romaine Lettuce, Emperor Spinach, Wildfire Lettuce, Tuscano Kale, Red Russain Kale, Win-Win Choy, Mint, Parsley and Basil. Every Tuesday we will be harvesting produce to be freshly delivered to your door the following afternoon! Order with the click of a button below!.

The Team

Meet Our Team

Nathan Bush
Systems Operator

Working on site of Odawa Freshwater Gardens since day one, Nathan is well versed in all aspects of the system from trouble-shooting to growing. Being a youth intern, he has greatly grown with his time at the system, and excited for what the next year has to offer!

Luke Wabegijik
Systems Manager

Fairly new to the team, Luke is a valuable part of our team dealing with selling, marketing and promotion of our product.


For more information please contact us:
Phone: 705 283 3292 Email: or
Facebook: Odawa Freshwater Gardens

Lettuce help you add more green to your life and your surroundings!